Cold Sores, How to Stop Getting Cold Sores & Get Rid Of Fever Blisters Fast! Vol II


Cold Sore/Fever Blister Natural Treatments and Home Remedies. First hand knowledge how to overcome and fight fever blisters and coldsores. Cold sores, fever blisters, or whatever you want to call them, are really all the same thing. You have an embarrassing sore on or around your lip that just won't heal fast enough for you. You wish and pray it would somehow go away and never come back but it doesn't. You're not sure what triggers it or what causes the next one. You have probably tried a lot of things to get rid of it. There a lot of ideas out there. Over eighty percent of people over the age of five have had a cold sore at some point in their life. Some only get a cold sore once a year and sometimes less. Others may have several per year. Some are VERY noticeable and some are much more subtle. You might have one and not know the signs. This is a fast, short document of what Iíve found and what works for me. I have experienced a lot of outbreaks in the past. Unfortunately for me, I am one of the unlucky ones that get them several times a year. But, lucky for you, I've tried a whole range of things and discovered what works best. So here it is, short and to the point. What works in all three stages of the outbreak? (And to avoid drawing attention to your problem, you can view this on your I-pad and not let on to others what youíre reading.) In this document I will try and use terms that you can read while someone is looking over your shoulder so they will not understand what you are reading. I try to keep the name of the virus used very little going forward. I hope that helps you feel more comfortable reading this.


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Title: Cold Sore / Fever Blister Natural Treatments and Home Remedies.
Author: Joseph Lane
Publisher: Freedom of Speech Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Health & Fitness / Oral Health
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Length: 15 pages
Release Date: 11/9/2012