ERP Baan IV Documentation


We have been lucky and found an expert in many ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems. This is the first of several documentation books coming from the author. He has had over 15 years of experience implementing and consulting on Baan IV. He has decided to share this knowledge and experience in a large series of notes and documentation he has amassed over the years. In all, there is over 10,000 pages of information. A valuable tool for anyone running the ERP System Baan IV. The books are available in 23 soft cover books or 21 Kindle formats.


Author Bio:

Mr. G. John Sagmiller is certified in Baan IV. This is his documentation and notes he has used a Baan IV and LN consultant for over 15 years.

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Title: ERP Baan IV Documentation
Author: G. John Sagmiller
Publisher: Freedom of Speech Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Computers / Documentation & Technical Writing
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Release Date: 06/01/2012